Private Jet Charters

Receive instant estimates for flight durations and costs. Input your travel details and get quotes from a range of charter agencies. Navigate trip particulars and finalize your booking using the chat feature. Yond – your dedicated flight application, catering to all your private jet rental needs!

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Simplifying Your Private Jet Experience

The Yond marketplace ensures you effortlessly select the best


Step 1:
Get the App

Download our user-friendly app, tailored to run seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, making your private jet booking experience smooth and efficient.


Step 2:
Submit Trip Details

Determine your starting and destination airports, set the desired flight date, and enumerate the passengers. Our platform is designed for clarity and ease, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Select and Book

Step 3:
Select & Book

Peruse through a plethora of quotes to find the best fit. Engage in real-time chats with charter companies to clarify any concerns and, once satisfied, effortlessly finalize your booking.

Opt for the Best Deal

Place your request to receive a variety of quotes from multiple charter services. Pick the most appealing offer and directly engage with the respective charter company.

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Instant Flight Cost & Duration Estimates

Simply input your departure and arrival locations, and receive tailored estimates for different aircraft types, covering both duration and expense.

Flight-Centric Chat Platform

Engage with charter companies, discuss details, confirm your flight, and exchange documents, all within the app's built-in chat function.

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Ready to charter your own flight?

Select your preferred platform, whether iOS or MacOS, and experience seamless data synchronization for real-time updates, no matter where you are.

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