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Streamlining Your Charter Operations

Yond connects you to clients seamlessly, maximizing your reach.


Step 1:
Get the App

Download our user-friendly app, tailored to run seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, making your experience smooth and efficient.


Step 2:
Pass Verification

Input your company's information. For assistance connect with our support via in-app chat. After approval, you're ready to dive into the marketplace.

Select and Book

Step 3:
Quote & Confirm

Browse an updated list of charter requests on Yond. Receive notifications for new inquiries, and directly engage with clients to discuss flight details, all within the app.

Get Formalized Charter Inquiries

Clients provide specifics, from preferred takeoff and landing locations to passenger count and desired departure schedule. Plus, they can note special needs like pet accommodations, cargo, or medical considerations.

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Quote Creation Simplified

Choose your aircraft specifics, add a minimum of two photos, set your pricing, and swiftly forward your quote.

Streamlined Flight Communication Hub

Address inquiries, clarify trip specifics, share images, and transfer documents, all through our integrated chat feature.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Charter Companies

Do you accept only charter operators, or do brokers qualify as well?

The Yond marketplace welcomes both private jet charter operators and brokers.

How does Yond generate revenue? What's the underlying business model?

Our revenue comes from customers who pay either a monthly or annual subscription fee. This model ensures that charter companies receive high-quality leads. Every request sent to a charter company comes from a paying and genuinely interested customer, guaranteeing the seriousness of the inquiry.

What commitments, restrictions, or obligations does your platform have?

We have no strict commitments or obligations. While we provide the platform, we don't limit you to using it exclusively. You're free to move discussions with clients to any platform of your choice and can freely exchange contact details. In fact, we make your contact information publicly available to all users of our platform, even those who aren't paying. However, we do have certain etiquette guidelines in place: avoid spam, ensure you provide high-quality service, and let clients initiate chats. Please refrain from offering unsolicited empty legs, special offers, or probing about a customer's jet flight plans. When a customer has a travel plan, they'll post a request, and you can then respond with your quote.

Is Yond affiliated with, or owned by, any charter broker or operator?

No, Yond is neither a broker nor an operator and is not under the ownership or influence of any broker or operator. We are purely an IT company, founded by a private jet charter enthusiast who believed that the process of private jet chartering could be simplified, made more affordable, and elevated in terms of service quality.

How do you plan to generate customer traffic to your platform?

We are allocating a significant budget for advertising to attract new customers to our platform.

How can charter companies benefit from joining Yond?

Yond doesn't charge charter companies any fees, and the leads you generate on our platform are entirely yours. Additionally, we publish the contact details of charter companies for both paying and non-paying customers. While only paying customers can send requests through the Yond platform, having your contact details accessible broadens your company's exposure and helps spread the word about your services.

How do I set up my company on your platform, and how long does the process take?

You simply provide your company name, address, and logo, along with a contact name. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes. Once your information has been verified and approved, you'll be all set to receive requests.

Do I need to input aircraft data every time I provide a quote to a customer?

No, you only need to enter the aircraft information once. Once saved in our database, it will be synchronized across all your devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In the future, when creating a new quote with that aircraft, simply input the tail number to retrieve its details.

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